From his early beginnings working for his father, Nate Anselmo, in the family’s West Side Market produce business, Christopher Anselmo was taught to “treat people as Clients not Customers…they will feel the difference.”

With that mindset, Christopher Anselmo, who is both an Attorney and a Certified Public Accountant,  set out to build a firm that provided that personal touch.

This blending of law, tax, financial and accounting knowledge, enables our staff of attorneys, accountants and paralegals, to provide our clients with distinct insight when assisting them with their tax, financial and legal matters….what we call “Money in Motion.”

Not only are Money in Motion events often the most financially significant, but they are also the most emotional, too.  Such moments must be treated with ingenuity, innovation and compassion.

Money in Motion events often include:

  •             Buying or Selling a Home
  •             Buying, Selling or Starting a Business
  •             Leaving or Retiring from a Job
  •             Planning and Safeguarding the distribution of your wealth
  •             Advising on Lifetime and Testamentary transfers of wealth….and let’s not forget
  •             Preparing and Filing Tax Returns

Next time you have Money in Motion, come and feel the difference between being treated as a Client, and not as a Customer.